Our logo story

While developing her business, Dee Pfeiffer shared her vision with her childhood friend, Pat, who instantly began to see the potential need for a companion company. PH Companions continued to grow and as a result, we became licensed as PH Companions of Pinellas, LLC, a Home Health Agency to accommodate the needs of our clients and community.

However, Pat had no idea she would need our services so soon! Treatments for lung cancer would start immediately and painting would become a source of comfort for her. As part of Pat's acceptance, she wanted to use her gift of painting to support PH Companions. The flower that she painted for Dee became our logo...the water lily.

flower A lotus represents life in general. This unique flower is used to inspire us through difficult times. This is why so many poets and artists, like Claude Monet, captured this magnificent beauty in so many of his famous masterpieces. It is truly amazing how this flower could rise from the bottom of a murky pond and then produce such beauty for us to enjoy. Not to mention, the stem can easily bend, yet is very difficult to break because of its strong sinuous fibers. It is said, "The stem represents the member within a family, showing that no matter how far away they might live, nothing can separate them in heart."

Pat's water lily continues to inspire us and is a constant reminder that compassionately working together with the client, the caregiver and the family is what is important and valued at PH Companions.


PHC Mission Statement

To provide quality care to each client in his or her home
while giving consideration to their individual wishes and needs
whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.